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Conscious Leadership Program

Exclusive 6 Month program to Become the Leader you want to be.

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Business Yoga Teacher Training

How to Become a Successful Business Yoga Teacher with Clients in 90 Days.

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Business Yoga Bye Bye Stress

Bye Bye Stress Sessions @work

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Business Yoga Bye Bye Stress

My books

How to Become a Conscious Leader.

5 Vital Lessons CEOs can Learn from a Yogi to Build Trust and Make an Impact.

Bye Bye Stress in 9 Minutes or Less

9 Powerful Practices to Find Health and Happiness.

Enjoy the Silence

Seeking solitude and spending more time with yourself.

About Me

I am a Kundalini yoga expert with a mission: making people shine. People do their jobs on a day to day basis, often without enjoyment but with routine. Their physical and psychological health is at stake and this has an effect on the company’s results. 

In order to make life on the workplace more enjoyable I work with CEO’s. If they become more conscious and learn how to embrace themselves by opening up their hearts, they can touch the hearts of all their employees. In this way, CEO’s can get the most of themselves, their team and their business. And the world becomes a better place little by little.

This brings me tremendous joy and I feel grateful to have this opportunity to work with amazing people. 

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