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Become a successful (Virtual) Business Yoga Teacher with clients in 90 Days

I worked for years in the background to create the ideal system to blend effortlessly and successfully kundalini yoga into the business world. And now you can learn it from us.

– Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

Do You Want To Become A Next Generation Business Yoga Teacher?

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Here Is Your Trainer

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

With a remarkable experience in Kundalini Yoga, I sketch a mission to make people shine. 


My vision of being a business yoga specialist was to help professionals relax and enhance their productivity without the stains of stress. Spreading the knowledge of yoga on a platform like – Insight Timer allows me to aid the mental and physical calmness of professionals. 


My yoga expert experience gave me the opportunity to author three books:

“Bye Bye Stress in 9 Minutes or Less” 

“How To Become A Conscious Leader.”

“Enjoy The Silence”

How to Join This Training

You Do It On Your Own

  • All classes are recorded. Don’t worry if you miss or cannot attend a class. You can do the whole course in your own pace.
  • You receive all time access to the online learning environment plus the recorded classes plus all future updates.
  • After you have completed the program you will receive a KRI-certified Certificate for NineMinMax Business Yoga Teacher.

Training Requirements


In order to join the Business Yoga Teacher Training you need to have done the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 or something similar to that (or have a very good motivation). Please contact Sat Kirtan if you want to verify that you have the right requirements.

Discover The Benefits Of Yoga For Employees

Are Your Ready To Become A Successful NineMinMax Business Yoga Teacher?


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€ 2,999.00

€ 2.222.00

2 installments

€ 1675.00

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4 installments

€ 750.00

€ 555.55

What Gerry Robert, CEO Of Blackcardbooks And A World Famous Speaker, Has To Say About Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

This Is What Students Say About The Business Yoga Teacher Training

Listen To What Other Participants Want To Share With You

This is a participant working on a director’s level in business and next to that teaches now Business Yoga

Mark, Agile scrum coach learned how to apply the yoga in this business meetings.

Examples of Business that have experience with business yoga:


€ 2,999.00

€ 2.222.00

2 installments

€ 1675.00

€ 1.111.00

4 installments

€ 750.00

€ 555.55

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