Yoga- The Best Cure For Employee Productivity

Yoga-The Best Cure For Employee Productivity

International Yoga Day is just around the corner. And what more satisfactory time than this to debate on the importance of health and fitness of employees?  After the pandemic, corporates have realised that the struggle is real. Covid19 or not, corporations worldwide have already begun implementing corporate wellness programs like NineMinMax Yoga – which instructs […]

How Does Yoga Impact Corporate Culture?

How Does Yoga Impact Corporate Culture

Yoga is not a new concept. In fact, yoga has been practised for years now.  However, corporate yoga programs have been a sizzling topic in recent years close to the globe.  Yoga and meditation measures have been embraced by prominent corporations like Nike, Google and Apple, just to name a few.  As companies’ enormous and […]

Discover The Benefits Of Yoga For Employees

Discover The Benefits Of Yoga For Employees

Whether you call it business yoga, employee yoga or office yoga, incorporating yoga at workplaces indeed turns out to be beneficial. Down the line, offering yoga at the workplace has been growing popular.  Yoga, the old-age, mindful practice of exercising the body and mind, has already found its place in multiple smarter organisations. Employees who […]

Steps To Follow Before Commencing The Business Yoga Program

Each moment is an option to be kind to yourself and your body. There are distinguishing ways and techniques implicated before going ahead with some plan. Even when it comes to executing yoga programs at the workplace, it is no different. Here are some of the primary key points to ponder before executing the program. […]

Why Is Stress Relief An Essential Addition To Your Organisation?

Stress relief is an art, and we are the artists! Every individual, at some point maintaining a job, has felt the intense level of stress gained by poor work-life balance. Well, the fact is every job has a stress factor, irrespective of whether you like what you do or not.  Even “you” might have undergone […]

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