Do you agree that the world needs more Conscious Leaders? 


  • Leaders who know themselves and have the mental clarity to make conscious decisions. 
  • Leaders who take the lead to move the masses out of polarization and complexity. 
  • Leaders who create space for dialogue from values and encourage open sharing of different viewpoints.
  • Leaders who create a culture where people feel motivated to improve instead of to prove themselves
  • Leaders who lead selflessly from the deep belief that everyone matters. 
  • Leaders who take good care of their employees and don’t just fill their own pockets.



I feel this very strongly, and that’s why I wrote the book: ‘How to Become a Conscious Leader’. 5 Vital Lessons CEOs Can Learn from a Yogi to Build Trust and Make an Impact.’

If you haven’t already, click here to download your free copy of my book. 

To become a Conscious Leader, I’ve used my yogic experience and introduced the 5Cs Spiral of Consciousness model.

The 5Cs are Consciousness, which brings Commitment, which builds Character, which gives Courage, and so that you are ready to live by your Caliber. 

As reading a book and learning directly from the author makes a huge difference, it makes me happy to announce that for 4 days you will have the opportunity to learn, not only from me, but also from my dear friend Regina – Joti Ananda from Austria. She now leads daily yoga & meditation challenges for women leaders in particular, after transforming her career as a model and TV journalist.

I met Joti Ananda years ago at the European Yoga Festival, where we gracefully led around 300 kids from 20 different countries at the kids camp as well as our own small kids.

We recognized the challenges and blessings in this process, and as time passed, we created several projects together, always to uplift and inspire. 

For me, working with Joti, is in an easy flow of trust. And that’s why I’m so very pleased to introduce to you our Conscious Leadership Year program, which starts at the 11th of October. 

To give you a feeling of what it means to work with us, to get a feeling and experience, you’re invited to join us live or through the replay, for the the 4 day Conscious Leadership Challenge through zoom. 

This one-off Challenge is from the 25th till the 28rd of October. On Tuesday & Thursday at 12pm CEST and Wednesday & Friday at 7pm CEST.

So what are we going to do during the Challenge?

  • The first day we will focus on the first C: Consciousness. It is the 1st step, knowing what you want and what you don’t want, so you can make conscious choices.
  • The theme of the second day is Commitment. Because when you know what you do want, what is important to you and your organisation, what gives energy, what nccreases the happiness, then you want more of that. And that makes it so much easier to commit to it too.
  • The third day is the focus on Character and the last day you will have grown into a braver Conscious Leader.


So for who is this Challenge?


  • For those who feel a YES after reading this.
  • For those in leading positions
  • For those who want to make an Impact and need clarity and courage to actually do it.


So, if that’s you, click on the link below and register yourself.

We’re ready to serve and create a beautiful experience together.

Below you’ll find the link to register.

To experience this one-of-a-kind leadership challenge program, register today!