How to become a Conscious Leader

5 Vital Lessons CEOs can Learn from a Yogi to Build Trust and Make an Impact

In this book, you will learn 5 vital lessons from a Yogi to be back in your center, to not to worry for anything, to know that there is always a solution for any situation.

The 5 vital steps through which chances for survival of your organization increases dramatically.
An inner journey as a Conscious Leader starts and ends with you.
The 5 rules which direct you through these changing and challenging times.
An awareness of your impact as a Conscious Leader within and outside your organization.
How you can excel and save the ones who are having a hard time.
How to smoothly navigate through The 5Cs of Consciousness™, giving you the courage to live up to your full potential.
How any sick organization can transform into a healthy and wealthy organization.

I used to work as a database consultant in a corporate environment.


Looking back, I had everything to be happy; a sweet partner, living in a castle, driving an expensive car, wearing designer clothes and going on a holiday 4 times a year. 


It was in Namibia, when our driver told me I was not happy, I could no longer keep my mask on. I broke down in tears, as I knew it was true, I felt empty inside, missing a purpose in life. Feeling bad as I was wasting my energy and my precious time here on earth.


That was the moment I was ready for change and my commitment to the tools of Kundalini Yoga and Sikhi brought me health, inner peace and unconditional lasting happiness.


I’m still so blessed I choose to go on this inner growth processes that brought me back to my True Self, my Sat Nam.


And now, I’m ready to share this wisdom with you and be your personal guide.


The world needs new leaders, those who dare to follow their intuition and inner compass above what ‘the norm’ is.  Leaders who believe in the power of love and who have the courage to give themselves the highest priority.

In this book you will learn:

This book reveals 5 vital lessons

For CEOs and Leaders to navigate through these transforming times and thrive.

Lessons covered in this book are:

1.You Create Your Own Reality By Your Thoughts, Create Something Beautiful and Meaningful

2.Your Body is Your Temple. It took your soul 8.4 million incarnations to receive this human experience, treat it with respect and dignity.

3.You’re born with a specific number of breaths, use them wisely

4.Be Courageous Enough to Let God and Relax.

5.Create a Higher Frequency to Reprogram Yourself to Succeed Effortless Beyond your own Limitations.

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