Presented by: Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa & Regina Joti Ananda Kaur

A female leadership program to reclaim your inner power and step into your full potential.


We help female
leaders to elevate their consciousness as a Leader

 To get from
Overwhelm and Frustration to Mental Clarity and Confidence

To Build
Trust and make an Impact

conscious leader

This program is for you if

 You Desire being Cristal Clear on What to Do and What NOT Do  

You are Interested in getting an Impact, Results and Live your Purpose

✓  You Want to Establish a Healthy Work Life Balance

✓  You Want to Create and Lead a Community or Team while thriving Financially

✓  You are longing to Develop and Becoming the Conscious Leader you are Meant to e

Training Start: 11. October 2022

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Course Content

Preview of the course

Step 1

Your Personal


Step 2

The 5 C Spiral of

 Conscious Leadership

Step 3

Discover Your Power

 & Personal Manual


Step 4

Commit to Healthy 

Habits For You

Step 5

Attract The Perfect 

Team Around You


Step 6

Your Own Value &

 Money Mindset

Step 7

Embrace your Grace 

& Master your Space

Step 8

Dare to Relay & 

Master the Silence

Step 9

Re-Connect and

 trust the Wisdom Inside


Step 10

Build your Character

 & Put you Ego Aside

Step 11

Have the Courage 

to Live Up to Caliber

Step 12

Be the Conscious Leader 

who Builds Trust and 

Makes an Impact

↠ Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to Ignore your Mission and Shine your Light 

↠ Where will You be in Five Years If you don’t take Action NOW? 

↠ Who and What Areas of your Life will Suffer if You Don´t step Up to your Caliber? 

↠ Imagine In What Way would You be able to Change the World and Peoples Life’s If you Knew Exactly which Actions to take?


melisa fu

Melissa Fu O’Connor Adi Sangat Kaur

Yoga Teacher and founder of mindfullgenomics.com

The Business Yoga Teacher Training has opened the doors to so many more opportunities and ways to expand my practices.
I learned how to incorporate Kundalini Yoga into the corporate business world and how to become a conscious leader myself.
I have been introduced on how to teach and share in a less intimidating way and 
have even found new clients halfway through my training
I have learned, grown, and gained so much confidence over the past few months and
meeting many like-minded yogis from all over the world was very powerful and reassuring
 Sat Kirtan has such a welcoming and down to earth vibe. She is such a passionate, loving, and amazing leader, who is also a friend with so much experience and wisdom to share. 
Sofia Miörner

Dr. Sofia Miörner Fian, Akal Sita

Sat Kirtan and Joti both have a warm personality. You feel that they really enjoy their work, they do it calmly with love and it's is easy to follow. I easily get inspired by their recommendations 💜

GerryRobert SQ

Gerry Robert

Founder & president, Black Card Books, speaker and international bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset, Multiply Your Business and Publish a Book & Grow Rich www.gerryrobert.com

Sat Kirtan explains in an authentic and entertaining way that an attitude of gratitude and being able to serve and choose love over fear will support you to endure and successfully emerge from the current pandemic. Your shot at getting what you want out of this life is up to you. It is time to master yourself because if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you will get what you always got. Please grab every minute of every day and create your dreams in your work and in your lives. You own it. I own it. I will be leading myself towards my dream destiny and make conscious decisions that are good for me, my team, my company, and the generations to come. This book is so precious.

Elisabeth Ortner

Elisabeth Ortner


For me it was an Awakening!

Dear Joti!

How to describe this extroudenay year of transformation?

I have redescouverd my Body and my Soal? and learned to love it again.

Together with you and the group? I overcame the biggest crises (Is there a better word?) of my live- the death of my beloved mother.

I descouverd the elixir of life par excellence: Breathing! Deep Breathing, letting go and generating so much Energy.

A year ago you were a very pleasant? client, today you are my teacher and acompanien- in the best way.

Manuela Gehringer Jyotiprya


‘When the student is ready, the teacher will show up.’

These words ring true when I think back on my journey with Regina. But not only did she show up - she stayed!
Through strength, authenticity, competence, compassion and joy, she always holds the space - come what may.
Our interaction paved my way, a way which I had to walk myself and which I still walk. The path towards myself and that what I really am.
Thank you for your presence, Regina.”_


Full price 1 year program

€ 5.999,00

5 monthly installments

€ 1.299,00

12 monthly installments

€ 599,00



€ 4.999,00

plus free BluePrint Analysis by Sat Kirtan

| just for participants of the kundalini yoga festival | offer ends on the 08. august 2022 |

About the teachers

sat kirtan

Sat Kritan Kaur

Main Trainer

With a remarkable experience in Kundalini Yoga, I sketch a mission to make people shine. My vision of being a business yoga specialist was to help professionals relax and enhance their productivity without the stains of stress. Spreading the knowledge of yoga on a platform like – Insight Timer allows me to aid the mental and physical calmness of professionals. Sorrowing from a Repetitive Strain Injury influenced my work life & made me discover kundalini yoga. Aiming with a pursuit in life to make people mindful that they are worth making themselves their utmost priority, so I started with Invest In Yoga. When a person becomes their top priority, they become a valuable component to their company, to their fellow employees, and most importantly, valuable to themselves. My yoga expert experience gave me the opportunity to author two books: “Bye Bye Stress in 9 Minutes or Less” “How To Become A Conscious Leader.”

Joti Ananda (Regina Kail-Urban)

Main Trainer

Fully committed to a daily strong Kundalini Yoga self practice she starts her day with sadhana and supports urban people with yogic wisdom/techniques daily online at 6 AM. Yoga to her is sukha and sthira - she feels and connects with this philosophy every day - it is bringing her a strong foundation and sweetness at the very same time. As she would say: self discipline and self mastery can be so joyful! She is a former model/TV presenter/journalist. And a certified meditaton/awareness/yoga teacher, kids yoga teacher trainer, Kundalini Yoga coach. She gives (international) trainings and retreats, works with one on one coaching clients as well in group dynamic seminars 'I only teach what what works for my clients and me.'