The world needs you. 

You know that and you want to be there and creating a more beautiful world is your mission.


You’re looking for a leadership program that awakens your strength and wisdom within, so you can reclaim your inner power and allows you to step with joy into your full potential as a Conscious Leader.


 You are a leader who deeply feels, sees and senses that the expectations on leadership have hugely changed and that they NEED to change


Different skills are required now – and you want to relax into them.


By applying the 5 C´s Spiral of Consciousnesspowerful Kundalini Yoga techniques and concepts  you will be able to lead yourself first and then others – joyfully committed.

The first C is Consciousness, as knowing what you want and knowing what you don’t want, help you to make conscious decisions. 


That consciousness gives you the opportunity to Commit to healthy habits, which gives you Character. That Character gives you the Courage and your Courage enables you to live up to your Caliber.  


This program is for you if, you desire to


develop a strong foundation of courage and self-love

get clear on your core values,  add them to the world.

learn how to hold the space – that allows others and yourself to grow and excel. 

build up inner strength, stability and trust.

transform into a confident, Conscious Leader.


That’s exactly what Sat Kirtan is joyfully committed to do for you in this life changing 1 year program. 

When you're ready for this journey, I'm here to guide you

What will we do during the year?

Preview of the program

Stage 1

Raise Your Consciousness

Stage 2

Commit To Your Higher Purpose 

Stage 3

Build Your



Stage 4

Be Courageous

Stage 5

Live Up To Your Caliber


About me

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

Lead Trainer

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa is a beacon of conscious leadership, a Kundalini Yoga practitioner, and the author of 'How to Become a Conscious Leader: 5 Vital Lessons CEOs Can Learn from a Yogi to Build Trust and Make an Impact.' Drawing from her background in finance and spiritual journey, Sat Kirtan guides individuals and teams worldwide to unlock their inner potential and lead with authenticity and purpose. Her transformative teachings, rooted in the 5CsTM Spiral of Consciousness, empower readers to cultivate self-awareness, resilience, and inspired action.

 Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to Ignore your Mission and Shine your Light!

↠ Where will You be in Five Years If you don’t take Action NOW? 

↠ Who and What Areas of your Life will Suffer if You Don´t step Up to your Caliber? 

↠ Imagine In What Way would You be able to Change the World and Peoples Life’s If you Knew Exactly which Actions to take?


GerryRobert SQ

Gerry Robert

Founder & president, Black Card Books, speaker and international bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset, Multiply Your Business and Publish a Book & Grow Rich www.gerryrobert.com

Sat Kirtan explains in an authentic and entertaining way that an attitude of gratitude.

Being able to serve and choose love over fear will support you to endure and successfully emerge from the current pandemic.

Your shot at getting what you want out of this life is up to you.

It is time to master yourself because if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you will get what you always got.

Please grab every minute of every day and create your dreams in your work and in your lives.

You own it. I own it. I will be leading myself towards my dream destiny and make conscious decisions that are good for me, my team, my company, and the generations to come.

Working with Sat Kirtan directly is so precious.

rinco van der baan

Rinco van der Baan

CEO, Buro Acting www.buroacting.nl

Sat Kirtan helped me tremendously to step into my role as a Conscious Leader. “I have been an entrepreneur for 28 years now, and although I am extremely successful, I could not really relax and enjoy these successes.

The balance between my work and my private life was lost. I decided to change this pattern and reached out for help. Sat Kirtan helped me tremendously to step into my role as a Conscious Leader.

I am now more conscious of myself and based upon that clarity, focus, and commitment, I'm making different decisions. It has brought me so much. I started to delegate work and hired more staff.

My confidence and trust have grown and I got so much more satisfaction from the work, while I now enjoy more free time for myself. The turnover has grown further.

I’m very grateful that I decided to invest in myself. I feel healthy, vital and my heart has opened up, ready for the best part of my life!”

Leythem Wall

Founder Oxon IP

Sat Kirtan's Conscious Leadership program transformed my life. I now lead with clarity, confidence, and compassion.


☆ Signed book “How to Become A Conscious Leader”
☆ Personal Year Analysis including a Personal affirmation by Sat Kirtan
☆ Access to the Daily Conscious Morning Practice

What others say about us

Toni Masselter

retreat organiser/yoga teacher

Sat Nam Sat Kirtan! ✨ I wanted to thank you for the amazing workshop and webinar. I kind of identify with you and your story and it helped me realize that I don't necessarily need to change or fit in a box to work in this field. I was scared to be too less in some things and too much in others. But this awakened the energy and drive in me to just go for it !

melisa fu

Melissa Fu O’Connor Adi Sangat Kaur

Yoga Teacher and founder of mindfullgenomics.com

The Business Yoga Teacher Training has opened the doors to so many more opportunities and ways to expand my practices.
I learned how to incorporate Kundalini Yoga into the corporate business world and how to become a conscious leader myself.
I have been introduced on how to teach and share in a less intimidating way and  have even found new clients halfway through my training
I have learned, grown, and gained so much confidence over the past few months and meeting many like minded yogis from all over the world was very powerful and reassuring
Sat Kirtan has such a welcoming and down to earth vibe.
She is such a passionate, loving, and amazing leader, who is also a friend with so much experience and wisdom to share. 
Claudine/Kamal Sita kaur

Claudine/Kamal Sita kaur

"Wonderful learning from two beings getting along smoothely in pairs, how to make others talk and how to look into oneself what is blocking your access to self-confidence."

Knowing what you want – knowing what you don’t want.
Joyfully committed to your core values.
This commitment will show in your action and decision making.
You will have the courage to do things as you feel – it will benefit your
surroundings and yourself.
Give yourself permission NOW – don’t wait for a leader – be a leader!

If you feel you’re ready, book your Embrace the Leader within free call  ➠

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