Enjoy the silence

Seeking Solitude & Spending More Time with Yourself

enjoy the silence; you’ll learn how to seek solitude and the benefits it brings to your life. Moreover, you’ll find multiple ways wherein you’ll read about:

Benefits of the power of alone time
Get the most out of alone time
How to create a winning attitude?
Effective ways to enjoy the silence
How can you enjoy your own company?
What activities can you prefer to do when you're alone?
How can you excel in your confidence by being silent?

Sat nam (meaning Truth is my identity), my name is Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa, Kundalini Yoga teacher and author of Enjoy the silence and the upcoming book How To Become a Conscious Leader- 5 Vital Lessons CEOs can Learn from a Yogi to Build Trust and Make an Impact

I became a Business Yoga specialist in order to help professionals relax and better themselves at work, without the stress of finding time to carve out of their busy schedules. I’m committed to helping people live and perform better today, so they can live a happier, healthier future.

For 3 years, I suffered from an RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), which made my work life very uncomfortable. This is when I discovered Kundalini Yoga.

After starting my training in Kundalini Yoga, my purpose in life become clear: It was my mission to make people aware that they are worth making themselves their own top priority. When a person becomes their own top priority, they become an invaluable component to their company, to their fellow employees, and most importantly, they become invaluable to themselves.

In the book, our trainings and our programs, we’ll share with you what we’ve learned and have been able to successfully apply. We’ll teach you how to relax in no time at all, enabling you to find more success and have fun at your job.

In this book you will learn:

The mindset that will allow you to enjoy your time by yourself.
The 3 key benefits of your time by yourself.
How to create a winning attitude?
How to feel content, alone and not lonely?
The 10 unexpected gifts that your alone time will bring you.
What activities can you prefer to do when you're alone?
The 6 step strategy to get the most out of alone time.
15 inspiring actions you could do while you're alone.
How to create empathy?
How to build a better social network?
How to strengthen relationships?
Improving cognitive and memory skills.
How to optimize self-improvement?

In this book 9 themes are elaborated

Each theme starts with a recognizable story, followed by a simple action, the golden key, a tip and a complete NineMinMax® Business Yoga session. After reading and especially after doing the exercises in the book, you immediately notice the effect, for yourself and for your organization.

Themes covered in this book are:

Stress management | Health | Private work balance Leadership | Women in Business | Communication Personal development | Prosperity | Happiness

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