Forecast April 2022

Last week we could still be at the beach, just to give you an idea of the change in temperature.


We’re moving from the 3 energy, the positive mind, into the energy of the 4, which relates to the energy of the neutral mind.


The neutral mind is the one who sees and listens to the negative and the positive. It then rises above the situation and from that so-called helicopter view, makes a conscious decision.


You understand that coming from the neutral mind takes effort.


It takes awareness.


It takes the courage.


Courage to stop, feel and listen.


So let that be the first tip for this coming month.


May you remind yourself that before acting, you take a moment, reflect on all sides and then decide.


That will allow you to navigate smoothly through this month.


Another important aspect of the 4 is the power of the word.


So be aware of what you’re saying (out loud and within yourself) as it has the power to manifest.


So it’s a wonderful time to work with affirmations.


I highly recommend working with the How to Love Yourself cards by Louise Hay.


Why these cards will work so good this month?


Well, the 4 is connected to the heart, so that shows us that we need to listen deeply to our heart. And these card by Louise Hay help us to connect deeper through the practice of self-love.


The four also stands for structure, order and rhythm.


Like the heart beats in a certain rhythm, constantly and steadily, this is the ingredient that allows you to grow this month especially.

This month we can ask the question again:

How can you use the energy of the 4 for your business?

There are 3 things to focus on this month:

  • Be consistent and steady in what you’re doing.
    • Follow your own unique rhythm and use the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma to merge into the flow of life.
  • Remember the power of the word.
    • Be aware of what it is you say and think as it will manifest. So create something beautiful using affirmations and positive words and thoughts.
  • Dare to ask for help.
    • Ask for help, reach out to peers and create a network of support around you. This is of vital importance for the success of your company.
    • Many of us have a resistance on asking for help. It´s associated with being weak and helpless. A wonderful way to get over this resistance of asking for help is to see it as a challenge. Are you ready? For the challenge you’re going to put aside each day 5 minutes in which you reach out for help. Just put your alarm clock on 5 minutes. During these 5 minutes reach out to friends, colleagues, family members or the universe with your requests for help. And remember, it’s ok for them to say no, or not now. Don’t take it personal and notice that just reaching out for help feels liberating. Don’t take it too serious, have fun and watch the magic happen.

Let me put that last point into practice right now.

Would you like, share and comment on this forecast, so more people can read it and benefit from it? Thank you!

Be blessed and remember, take it one step at the time. 

I’m here for you if you need guidance, mental clarity and support on your journey towards self-knowledge. I’m happy to serve.

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa


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