Forecast August 2022

The number 8, which is active this month, is a powerful number. It reminds us of the power which is within us. We´re all powerful beings, and we´re asked to embrace our power. And that is both exciting and scary at the same time. 

Let’s first look at what power is. Power is often misunderstood and also misused. To me, when I write about power, I connect it to knowing, clarity, appreciation, joy and ultimately, love. Power is feeling the universal energy flowing through your body, listening to your intuition and being able to trust your feelings. 

That’s also why in Akara Numerology, the number 8 is connected to the pranic body. Yogi Bhajan explains Prana like this: “Prana is what comes in your life through the breath. We call it the breath of life.”

So Prana is not just the breath, it’s more than that but through your breath, you can directly connect to your power. That’s why pranayama exercises are so powerful and often life-changing. 

A life-changing breathing technic I love is the 1-minute breath. It’s part of the Subagh kriya, which I’m doing each morning until the 11th of October and goes like this. You inhale for 20 sec, you hold your breath for 20 sec, and then you release for 20 sec. After that, you start again. In the kriya, we do it for 3 minutes, and you can slowly build it up to 11 minutes.  

What else is specific for this month when we focus on our business? How can you use this energy for the best? I love sharing my ideas below: 

The number 8 can be very active and full of energy when it is aligned and happy. Or very lazy when it’s overwhelmed and under pressure.

Embrace the power within you. You have everything within you, and you know that. You feel that you have already gathered so much proof of it in your life. So, why wait any longer for approval from the outside? Just trust, listen, meditate and ‘don’t wait for a leader, be a leader. That was also the title of the four-morning workshops I taught together with Joti Ananda from Austria at the European Yoga Festival.

We’re all born to be happy. Happiness is your birthright is a famous quote from Yogi Bhajan. It’s only recently since I’ve found the profound importance of happiness in our lives. I’ve learned that really following my happy path in life brings me more happiness. As soon as I get off that path and allow frustration, worry, and a sense of lack, my happiness is gone, and I notice that it also affects my business.

Wish you a wonderful month full of happy moments, rest and effortless success!

Thank YOU


Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

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