The month of October started. 

The energy of this month is linked to the number 10, the radiant body. You can think of your radiant body as the magnet within yourself. You attract certain things and repel other things. 

What it is that you attract or repel will be under the magnifying glass and be or become super bright for you.

Be the observer of your own creation. 

Don’t blame anyone for what is in your reality or for how you feel. It is the perfect time to wake up and understand that you are the creator of your own world. 

You are the creator of your thoughts. 

You are responsible for how you feel. 

You are responsible for your success.

It’s a great month to be visible, show up, go to that meeting, go live on social media, and share who you are and what makes you happy. 

However, there is a but in it. 

Don’t push yourself; trust that the right time will come, and trust so-called “divine timing” because this is the month when you either do something 150% or not at all. 

A great example of divine timing was last Friday, the delivery of my book, How to Become a Conscious Leader. 5 Vital Lessons CEOs Can Learn from a Yogi to Build Confidence and Make Impact’

I knew they were coming, but I wasn’t given an exact time. I also didn’t want to stay home to wait for the books, so I forgot about it during the day, I even took the kids to the library, and the moment we got back, the van came. That’s what I call ‘divine timing.’ 

Another example followed that one; on Saturday morning, after my sadhana, I was browsing through my LinkedIn, and my eye fell on a video by Joris Swinkels of the Conscious Academy. His message resonated with me, and I decided to send him a DM, telling him I would love to give him one of my books that week since I was in the area. It didn’t work out over the weekend, but he invited me to be his guest at the Reversed Leadership Seminar that Monday. 

I shifted my schedule and had a wonderful, inspiring day among like-minded conscious leaders of the future, all of whom I was able to give a copy of my book. 

October is a month when there is no room for maybe, no room for doubt. 

When you feel inspired to do something, follow that impulse. 

This will help you decide, feel if it’s a “YES,” if not, it’s a “No, not now.

That’s great news because doubt takes so much of your energy, and you’re just not willing to go there anymore. 

And if you catch yourself in doubt, it’s no big deal. 

Being in that state, meditation, and quieting your mind, helps you get aligned.

And when you act from alignment, from connection, the result of your communication is much more likely to bring you what you wanted. 

I like to use mantras to help me stay aligned. The mantra I’ve been listening to this month is Gobinde Mukande

This mantra comes from Jaap Sahib (Pauri 94-95) by Guru Gobind Singh. It contains the eight facets of God that we all relate to. Gobinday, the one who sustains us, Mukhunday, the one who liberates us; Udharay, the one who exalts us, Aparay, who is infinite, Hariung, who does everything, Kariung, for which grace everything is done, Nirnaamay, nameless, desire-less, Akaame, is out of self.

How do you thrive this month, in your personal life and in your business? 

A few suggestions.

Strengthen your nervous system because the number 10 has to do with the nervous system. 

Feel so good that it makes you smile all day. 

Be the Leader of the future, a Saint & a Warrior.

Be aware, share, and take good care.

Many blessings,

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

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