Forecast June 2022

Happy to share this forecast of June, the 6th month with you.

The number six brings an energy of grace, of fair play and of honesty with it. It is connected to the Arc line, which is the halo you see around holy people. It stands for projection and protection.

The arc line is about speaking your truth and personal integrity. By speaking your truth, by showing who you are, by being authentic, you strengthen your arc line.

The more you do that, the stronger it becomes and the better it works as a shield of protection. That’s why it is closely related to the immune system. As when you’re immune system is strong, illnesses are not able to enter.

So, what does that mean for you personally and for your business? 

Let’s first focus on the personal aspects of it and give me a few tips to enhance you’re arc line, so you can attract what it is you want.

So now let’s see what happens if you bring this state of happiness into your day and into your work.

So, to summarize and take out the most important words for this month:

Thank You


Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

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