A real expression of the number 2…

So much happened on a global level.

So much negativity.

Time to bring some positive energy and that’s exactly what the 3 of the month March will bring.

Opportunities, even in the darkest times.

Light in the dark tunnel.

That’s the 3 energy.

That’s the quality of the positive mind.

We’re now called to be that light.

To embrace the light, within and outside ourselves.

To see the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long or deep the tunnel is.

There are a few things to be aware off though…

It will not all be light and bright, because, when the 3 energy is in the negative pole, it can go deep down.

We will see many people that feel depressed, who will feel lost.

Who will see no more possibilities.

They can become self-destructive.

As the 3 is connected to food, it can be that you catch yourself eating away emotions. 

If you do so, going out for a walk will already help you. 

This is the downside of the 3 energy I need to address.

Please do keep your eyes open.

Keep your heart open and support those who need it, before it is too late.


Another important detail, not to be forgotten…

Do include yourself in those you’re taken care off.

Treat yourself.

Spoil yourself.

The 3 energy wants to take care of every one and can so easily forget about it’s own needs.

Have that massage, buy a present for yourself.

Book a retreat.

Turn off your mobile and be in nature.

Nature will be your biggest healer.

Now as the spring starts and while I’m writing this, the first sun light is shining into my room, I feel that nurturing energy of the sun.

One more thing to know about the 3 energy.

It is connected to your navel center.

It is where you find your inner power, your inner strength.

So it is a wonderful month to start something new, from that place deep within you.

Something that wants to be born through you.

How can you use the energy of the 3 for your business?

There are 3 things to focus on this month:

  1. Start something new or look at your business with new eyes.
    • Ask yourself how can you make your business more aligned with your core values?
  2. Be creative, dare to be different, to show your identity, listen and give birth to that what wants to be born through you.
    • Write that book (or blog), make that online course, apply or that dream job, or dream house. Do it. See it happening and create it. It is possible.
  3. Have fun, do only those things that bring you energy.
    • All of the above will only succeed if it is done with joy and gratitude. Don’t own it, be like a mother to her child, give it all your love, your attention and allow it to grow into a new beautiful being. Enjoy every little step along the way.

Enjoy this month, see the light, be the light, spread the light and relax.

Don’t let the dark forces take your light down.

Instead be a candle and lighten up the entire room.

This requires strength, courage and determination, which is all within you.

Be quiet, listen, feel, connect to your inner strength.

I’ll be your biggest fan and please do remember and connect to that light within, even in the hardest situations.

May you be blessed with peace, inner peace.

A mantra that can support you is Sat Narayan Wahe Guru.

It brings inner peace and outer peace.

Every day during my ‘Shine Your Light & Share Your Love’ session, I listen to this mantra beautifully sang by my dear friends Harimandir and the beautiful violin by Ferenz Kallos.

You can find it on all the mainstream platforms.

May it inspire you.

May you experience inner peace. 

May you project out peace. 

May you create peace within your family, community, at your work. 

Thank you!

If this forecast inspired you and you want to know more about your own personal numbers and how you can use them to get the best out of you, to understand yourself and whatever happens to you, you can apply for your Personal BluePrint Report. 


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