How Does Yoga Impact Corporate Culture

Yoga is not a new concept. In fact, yoga has been practised for years now. 

However, corporate yoga programs have been a sizzling topic in recent years close to the globe. 

Yoga and meditation measures have been embraced by prominent corporations like Nike, Google and Apple, just to name a few. 

As companies’ enormous and short place elaborated priority on developing a positive culture, employer-sponsored yoga initiatives have increased in popularity, and for an adequate reason. 

Organisational execution can be attributed to several characteristics. However, there are particular organisational factors, the presence or absence of which can decide the victory or failure of the organisation. 

There are various ways in which organisations try to enhance their implementation by operating on a few such factors. 

And cultivating the idea of practising yoga by managers can have a favourable influence on such organisational performance indicators.

4 Reasons How Does Yoga Impact Corporate Culture?

You might be thinking, what are the benefits of corporate yoga programs? In this article, mentioned below are a few points that throw light on how yoga can impact the company culture. 

1) Fight The Physical Results Of Sitting:

The idiom “sitting is the new smoking” has been stamped to define the destructive effect of the worker globally sitting at their office desk all day and dedicating their hours to commuting (in a seated position) to and from work. 

Circumstances such as chronic back and neck pain, diabetes, and heart disease have been connected to sedentary lifestyles frequently levied by our office work-life balance. 

Many of yoga’s most fundamental asanas, also directed as poses, if practised on a daily note, can work against and offset the negative health impact sitting for eight to ten hours each day can have on our health.

2) Prevents Burnout:

Burnout in the workplace is an inclining situation in the global workforce for both employees and employers. 

Thinking why? Multiple elements contribute to the majority of burnout, including the fact that workers function longer hours and take less vacation than the rest of the world. 

In addition, a large part of businesses around the globe does not pin an emphasis on work-life balance initiatives. The combination leaves employers encountering reduced productivity, the effects of toxic culture created by unhappy employees and the departure of top talent. 

Corporate yoga programs are excellent (and easy to implement) means to combat the factors contributing to burnout.

3) Boots The Focus Power:

A stressful corporate culture is filled with a hustle to fulfil deadlines, serious workloads, and continuous meetings can create chaos in the mind, slowing employees’ decision-making power.

The poses and meditation of yoga mentioned in Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa’s NineMinMax business yoga can administer you in saying goodbye to the mind’s clutter, permitting your employees to be more alert, focused, and productive.

Moreover, yoga and meditation can also instruct your employees to have a peaceful and attentive mind. 

4) Improves Productivity:

As businesses wrestle with various confusing ways to promote a positive culture inside their four walls that saturates into their recruiting actions and, ultimately, their bottom lines, yoga evolves into an easy-to-implement mechanism in their toolbox that delivers a bag of benefits. 

Your more comfortable, more flexible workforce will be allocated emotionally and physically to excel at their jobs. 

This healthy, powerful group can not only produce optimal levels for your organisation, but they can also find higher levels of innovation and deeper collaboration with their co-workers – a win-win for your bottom line.


The final thought is that whether you want a creative boost, enhanced productivity, a healthier and happier corporate culture, or improved collaboration between coworkers, NineMinMax Business Yoga with Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa will improve your team’s state of health based on her 3E principle: Easy – Effective – Essence. 

In addition, read her book on stress management: Bye Bye Stress in 9 Minutes or less

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