The month of July is at its core connected to the energy of the 7, the aura or electromagnetic field that surrounds the entire physical body.

So be aware of what you’re sending out vibrationally. And by that, I mean be aware of your thoughts, your words, and most of all, your actions. Actions show your inner state of being. 

You can have these wonderful intentions to wake up early and do your yoga & meditation in the morning, but if you do go to bed late and snooze the alarm until it’s too late and then get upset about that and beat yourself up because of it, then that is what you are sending out vibrationally. 

So get real, real in your actions and your expectations and be true to yourself. Surround yourself with those who uplift you, including yourself 🙂

This will be really important this month, and it will make a huge difference in your personal and business. 

The 7 is the platform of elevation, and it’s so much easier to be that if you feel elevated yourself. 

So read books that inspire you, watch movies that make you think in a different way, listen to music that raises your frequency, and sing along with that, as the seven is also connected with the voice. 

The seven likes to be the point of attraction, like to share their wisdom and talents, and at the same time, needs time to recharge. 

So make time for self-care this month. If you feel overwhelmed, go for a walk. If you are tired from all the input, take a shower and let the water give you that moment of rest and allow it to take all your worries. 

With the 13th at the base of this month, July will be a month that gives you ultimate blessings or ultimate challenges, or both 🙂

My tips for enjoying this ride and getting the best out of it, both personally and in business-wise, are: 

So to take all these points and connect them to how you can use this to lead your business the best this month is: 

Hope this makes sense to you and inspires you to use the energy for the greater good, to elevate yourself, so you’re able to elevate others; that’s what the world needs! 

Your light, your love, your mental clarity, your beautiful contribution. If you feel I can be in service of that within yourself, your team or your company, don’t hesitate to contact me for the VIRTUAL CUP OF TEA WITH SAT KIRTAN KAUR KHALSA.” I’ll be thrilled to address you.

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