This month we’ll dive even deeper into the number 2 energy, as it’s the second month.

One more 2 next to the three 2’s we already saw in the year 2022.

Let’s look at how these 2’s affect our lives, our relationships and how we can use it to excel in our businesses.

The number 2 is, as I said in the year forecast, a feminine energy number. So, we’re all called to embrace the femininity within ourselves.

Yes men, this is for you too.

Let me give you some examples of feminine qualities:

  • To be kind
  • To be open
  • To listen to each other
  • To show your emotions
  • To take care of each other
  • And many more…

With all these 2´s, we´re called to do things together.

Team up, join a club and if you do, really be there for each other. Support each other.

Not only for your own benefit, both parties should grow and be inspired by it.

Inclusiveness is a now a days a big theme, as well as healthy relationships.

As the 2 comes after the one. It feels separated from the one and longs to belong.

This month it’s very important who you’re relating to.

Choose to be around people that uplift, inspire and care about you.

The number 2 is related to the energetic body of the negative mind. And, that doesn’t mean, it’s all negative…

It has a function, as the negative mind alerts us from any potential danger.

It is the protective mind, it’s the one that keeps you from crossing a busy road, it alerts you of any potential danger.

So, as we have so many 2´s this month, please be careful with whom you team up though, as the 2 energy is also the one that shows us potential danger.

This is where the 6 energy from this year, the intuition and the gut feeling comes in.

If it doesn´t feel good, doesn´t feel save, trust that feeling and move away.

Trust that another opportunity will show up.

Don´t waste your precious energy in trying to fit in where you don’t belong.

The easiest way to strengthen the 6 energy is to simply meditate and through prayer.

I’d like to challenge and support you, as together it is so much easier to reach your goals.

Make it an experiment and meditate this month at least 3 minutes every day this month and feel how you feel in March.

You’re welcome to join my daily Shine Your Light & Share your Love sessions (5.15 am – 6.45 every day CEST). Join the entire session or just a part of it. Try it for free for one week.  

It will give you mental clarity and self-awareness.

It will increase your self-love.

This will help you to set healthy boundaries.

It will tell you when to say YES, as well as when to say: “Thank you, but not this time.”

Being able to set healthy boundaries, will boost your self-esteem, which will boost your immune system.

I’d like to end this forecast by reminding you with the most important question before taking any decision.

That question is: “What would love do?”

Keep on asking that question before making a decision.

It will change your point of view.

Let me sum it all up for you:

Your three to do’s this month:

  • Embrace your femininity, so you’re in sync with the universal energy:
    • Team up, work together, reach out and support each other.
  • Work on increasing self-love, so you can set healthy boundaries:
    • Love yourself and be clear on what it is you need and what it is you can contribute, this will prevent you from over-compromising, over-pleasing and losing your vital energy.
  • Meditate, do the inner work, so you can go through the storm.  
    • This month emotions can run up high, polarization will become even more visible in our lives. To go gracefully through this storm, you’re asked to do your part. You’re asked to do the inner work, to look at your shadow sides, to open these draws with painful memories, to clean them out and shine your light and love on it, so love can get more space within you.   

May this forecast inspire you to empower yourself, to work together and to ask what love would do.  

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

Feel free to share this forecast with your friends and thank you once more for reading it.

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