Forecast for November 2022

Be steady and strong in the midst of the storm The month of November started. It started here in the Netherlands where I live, with stormy weather and this month’s energy requires us to stay centered in the storm. Like a lighthouse. The lighthouse is the archetype of the number 11. It stands strong and […]

Forecast for October 2022

The month of October started.  The energy of this month is linked to the number 10, the radiant body. You can think of your radiant body as the magnet within yourself. You attract certain things and repel other things.  What it is that you attract or repel will be under the magnifying glass and be […]

Forecast for September 2022

Happy to share with you this forecast for September, the 9th month.  For many, this period after summer vacation indicates a fresh new start. It is a perfect time to refocus and set goals for the rest of the year, as the number 9 has the ability to foresee long-term consequences of events.  According to […]

Forecast August 2022

Forecast August 2022 The number 8, which is active this month, is a powerful number. It reminds us of the power which is within us. We´re all powerful beings, and we´re asked to embrace our power. And that is both exciting and scary at the same time.  Let’s first look at what power is. Power […]

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa’s – July Month Forecast


“The month of July is at its core connected to the energy of the 7, the aura or electromagnetic field that surrounds the entire physical body.“ So be aware of what you’re sending out vibrationally. And by that, I mean be aware of your thoughts, your words, and most of all, your actions. Actions show […]

Forecast June 2022

Forecast June 2022

Happy to share this forecast of June, the 6th month with you. The number six brings an energy of grace, of fair play and of honesty with it. It is connected to the Arc line, which is the halo you see around holy people. It stands for projection and protection. The arc line is about […]

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