What To Consider While Choosing The Right Yoga Teacher

With so many opportunities for yoga classes, from in-person to online, it can be overwhelming attempting to pick the right yoga teacher. It’s necessary to discover a welcoming, skilled teacher who sustains your yoga journey, whether you’re a newbie or an advanced yogi.

Style Of Yoga

Yoga has multiple diverse variations and techniques. When it comes to selecting a yoga teacher, you might like to begin by discovering which style of yoga you want to practise. 

Restorative or power? Heated or non-heated? For what time period do you want to practise? Vinyasa, Kundalini, or Yin? In-person or online?

The best method to begin is to search for yoga studios in your area and then find out what kind of yoga they teach. 

If not, you can directly connect with Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa, a kundalini yoga expert!

Many will have a variety, so you’ll have the chance to try out different options at the same studio.

How To Choose A Yoga Teacher

Most teachers will have at least a 200-hour certification. This implies that the teacher has comprehended and rehearsed in a teaching program for at least 200 hours. 

The most widespread organisation that certifies yoga teachers is Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance’s training programs must authorise a registered yoga school to be a registered yoga teacher. Some yoga teachers may opt to do additional 300 hours or 500 hours of training. 

If you’re a newbie to yoga, you might like to select a teacher that has adequate experience. This doesn’t necessarily imply they are “more” qualified than a 200-hour teacher with the same amount of teaching hours but didn’t determine to get another certificate. 

Most studios will include the bios and qualifications of their teachers on their websites. You can also peek at the teacher on social media, which is another method to discover if they’d be a right fit.


If you’re taking an in-person class, your teacher might offer hands-on adjustments, or they may not. Some teachers are very active in walking around the course and offering suggestions, while others prefer to stay at the front of the class. 

If adjustments are essential to you, it’s best to ask questions prior to class. You might decide that hands-on adjustments aren’t for you, so it’s good to ask before the course starts if you can opt out. Or your teacher may ask, “can I offer you an assist?” and you can choose to opt in or out then.

Take A Class

It can be challenging to convey from an Instagram picture or a nice bio on a studio’s website if you’re going to connect with a particular teacher or not. 

The best method to prefer the right teacher for you is to take one of their classes, be it online or offline. Reach before the class and see if you can get a moment alone with the teacher or someone from the studio to question any queries you may have. Many studios will have a first-class free, or reduced rate for new students, so be on the lookout for deals.

Keep an open mind and stay for the duration of the class. When your class has ended, take a point to see how you feel. Were there any particularly good chunks or quotes the teacher shared? 

How was the teacher’s power? Did it feel like you got what you needed from the class? When you left the class, were you feeling optimistic? You may want to review the course immediately, so you don’t forget your first impressions.

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