Stress relief is an art, and we are the artists!

Every individual, at some point maintaining a job, has felt the intense level of stress gained by poor work-life balance. Well, the fact is every job has a stress factor, irrespective of whether you like what you do or not. 

Even “you” might have undergone stress for completing a deadline or satisfying a challenging obligation in the short term. But, did you know- When work stress becomes chronic, it can be overwhelming—and destructive to both physical and emotional health?

The ASSOCHAM survey has demonstrated that more than 40.5% of corporate employees sleep less than six hours a day and blame it on high-stress levels.

Hence, destroying stress entirely at work as an organisation isn’t possible, but companies like yours can try to reduce the stress by investing in wellness programs like stress management. 

Explained below are the effects of stress management in the workplace and how it will aid your organisation.

Business Yoga Tip: Drink plenty of water during your day at the office. It helps you to stay energised and healthy. 

Effects Of Stress On Your Organisation 

A relaxed mind meditation can increase employees’ productivity by 120%.

Before we begin to understand how stress relief adds an advantage to your organisation, let’s examine how stress can influence your organisation. According to a report from Farleigh Dickinson University, stress symptoms can have the following impacts on the workplace:

This makes it evident that the relationship between stress and job performance is not favourable. And if stress evolves into a colossal subject & the business begins to experience the same, it will be challenging to acquire new talents. 

How Can Stress Relief Heal Your Organisation? 

So far, the conversation has been about the effects of stress on your organisation, but we’d like to shift the focus to the benefits of a low-stress organisation environment.

Healthy Company Culture

Employees have a significant part in a company’s culture. Please note, more benefits and appreciation you offer to employees performing under manageable stress levels more will be satisfaction level. They will also be helping to sustain a robust and healthy workplace culture facilitative to creativity and productivity.

Trimmer Sick Days

Stress is one of the ultimate reasons for absenteeism. Less pressure in the workplace results in more occasional “mental health days,” but it will also decrease employees’ number of sick days due to a weakened immune system received from extreme stress.

Employee Retention & Talent Investment

Employees who aren’t highly stressed are much more likely to stick around, performing exceptionally. Forthcoming employees are much more likely to work for an employer that knows the art of balancing a low-stress employment environment and takes the initiative to maintain their employees’ emotional and physical health.

Your Token Of Care

Actively working to relieve stress through actions like Sat Kirtan’s NineMinMax Business Yoga stress management programs will signify that your organisation cares for your employees’ well-being. 

What Is Sat Kirtan’s Nineminmax Business Yoga?

NineMinMax Business Yoga is the ultimate solution to calm the stress level of your employees and maintain your organisation’s work ambience. It also impacts your muscles and internal organs, especially your glands. Your glands are the controllers of your body, equivalent to a software program – that is why NineMinMax Business is here, working quickly and effectively. 

This business yoga permits you to rewrite your internal software program via the exercises to obtain balance in your body’s magnificent systems, encouraging good health, vitality, and relaxation.

NineMinMax Business Yoga with Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa, a business yoga consultant will improve your employees’ state of health based on her 3E principle: Easy – Effective – Essence. 

In addition, read her book on stress management: Bye Bye Stress in 9 Minutes or less.  

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