The Journey From Fit To Fitter With The Top Yoga Trends

The traditional and ancient practice of yoga with another complete revamp is all get-set-ready to bring fun and motivation to you. 

Old Product, New Packaging.  

You might have heard this mantra often buzzing in the market. If not, how else would you remain motivated and stick to the routine otherwise? After all, changing times demand a change of trend. And the old practice of healthy and mindful yoga is no exception to this rule.

So, Invest In Yoga brings you these five super-healthy and super-modern versions of yoga that can assist you in motivating and practising yoga to attain your mind and body improvement:

Family Yoga:

Today’s contemporary and hectic life leaves us with zero or less time spent with our loved ones or our own selves, for that matter. But, the all-new trend of family yoga classes can aid both the problems together by letting you consume a lot of time with your family or loved ones while focusing on your health. 

Toe Yoga:

Yoga for the face has been in the no.1 position on the chart over the years due to its capability to deliver you a structured face and prevent the signs of ageing. But, toe yoga is the new run this year, especially if you’re a newbie at yoga. 

The toe yoga trend encloses stretching out the toes in different ways and can be practised in the comfort of your home, office or any place with the help of videos or a yoga instructor. 

Additionally, it can offer you stress-free and open-toe relief along with a greater blood flow, helping you attain balance while warming you up to give your next best shot for another yoga pose. 

Karaoke Yoga:

Do you remember how the beer yoga trend attracted the world due to its so-called “fun facet”? Well, the alcohol consumption part of it made it fizz out very fast. However, another fun form of yoga has emerged to keep you motivated and make yoga sessions more entertaining.


And that’s Karaoke yoga! You knock a yoga pose and sing together and have some enjoyment. Sounds compelling, doesn’t it?

Chair Yoga:

If your body is inflexible as a board and you confront any problems while sitting on the yoga mat, then chair yoga can just be your best friend and a great start. 

This form of yoga encloses practising less-intense yoga poses just while sitting on our chairs, either office or at home. 

And, if you are a working professional with no time to focus on yoga, this chair yoga has your back. To know more about this chair yoga, you can get in touch with Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa, one of the leading yoga teachers or follow her on Instagram or LinkedIn

So, what makes you not practise yoga?

We hope these interesting and compelling yoga trends have got you excited. So, take out some time and get yourself to dive into these top 4 new yoga trends.

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